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Welcome, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us, this months special offers are listed below:


Try a FREE month of Prosit:

We are offering a free month of Prosit with our new 'Autoship program, click here for this offer


Repcillin Starter Pack:

If  you are looking to try Repcillin for the first time we are now offering a Mini Combo Pack that includes:

30g Tub of Repcillin and 25ml Repcillin Spray for $39.00


Ageless and Healing Combo Pack:

A great combination of our best selling Inye Anti-Aging Aloe Ferox Serum and Repcillin Skin Healing Balm:

50g of Repcillin Balm & 50ml Inye Serum for only $89.99


Ageless and Cleaning Combo Pack:

A great combination of our best selling Inye Anti-Aging Aloe Ferox Serum and two month supply (60 capsules) of Prosit :

60 Prosit Capsules & 50ml Inye Serum for only $79.99


Prosit AutoShip program:

Due to many requests from our customers we have now launched the Prosit Autoship program, you can have Prosit 30 or 60 Capsules delivered to you every 30 days, and it is easy to cancel.


60 Prosit Autoship
$23.99/month FREE S&H
30 Prosit Autoship
$15.99/month FREE S&H






Dr Croc the Natural Skin Doc has been used to maintain people's healthy skin. It is now available in South Africa, the UK, the United States.  It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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We have removed the hassle of always having to re-order your Prosit each month. Sign up to our monthly automatic debit system and we will send you your Prosit each month.  You will not have to pay Shipping and Handling, saving you money and time.

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Never risk your health, your health is your wealth.

30 Capsules

50g Repcillin Tub

60 Capsules

100g Repcillin Tub


  I have been using Prosit capsules since they came on the market. I suffer from osteo-arthritis in my hands. I take a capsule daily to relieve the pain. I ran out of Prosit capsules for two weeks and the pain came back. Since then I am never without them.'

-Joan Webster


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(Warning: Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use Prosit)